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Whether presenting on the Shakespeare Authorship Question or his most recent publication, Charles Beauclerk's fascinating lectures have amazed audiences at the Smithsonian Institute, Harvard University, Yale, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and over 100 other organizations throughout Europe and the United States.

“Beauclerk’s presentation was impressive both in style and content; it certainly is appropriate for Harvard and other educational institutions to be open (and eager!) to entertain new or different ideas and interpretations.”

- Professor Woodland Hastings, Harvard University

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Who Wrote Shakespeare?

Shakespeare is the most acted and quoted artist in any culture, perhaps the greatest writer there has ever been, yet his identity remains a mystery.

Charles Beauclerk presents the true story behind the name Shake-speare and paints a picture of the court intrigue and treachery that led to the biggest political cover-up of English history. 

He tells the poignant tale of the buried author Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, a real-life Hamlet who sacrificed his name and reputation for the sake of his art, and whose love for Queen Elizabeth weathered all storms. In addition, he demonstrates that the semi-literate man from Stratford, known as "Gulielmus Shaxpere", lacked the range of education and experience (not to mention the inside knowledge of court affairs) evinced by the author, and could not have lampooned the ruling elite in his plays without forfeiting his life. He also shows how a knowledge of Shakespeare's true identity adds a new depth to his works.  


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Elizabethan/Restoration History

"Shining beauty and dazzling wit brought orange-seller Nell Gwyn to the attention of Charles II.  For seventeen years, as lovers and loyal friends, the two shared the pleasures of the bed and the play, of falconry, fishing, and walking in the woods at night.  Charles Beauclerk has the blood of Nell and Charles in his veins, and, through his easy, erudite pen, Restoration England comes alive. "

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