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"Eloquent and persuasive . . .

. . . impressive both in style and content!"

“Charles Vere Beauclerk is an engaging, learned and engrossing speaker. On the subject of Shakespeare, they don’t come any better. Heartily recommended.”

- William F. Buckley Jr.

“Charles Beauclerk is eloquent and persuasive in defense of the thesis that his ancestor, the Earl of Oxford, wrote the works of William Shakespeare.”

 - Ambassador Paul H. Nitze, John Hopkins University

“Beauclerk’s presentation was impressive both in style and content; it certainly is appropriate for Harvard and other educational institutions to be open (and eager!) to entertain new or different ideas and interpretations.”

- Professor Woodland Hastings, Harvard University

“One does not have to be convinced by his thesis in order to admire the erudition and evident conviction with which he presents it. Charles is a lively, dynamic and entertaining speaker, and the theories he advances are as well-argued as they are provocative. His appearance at Stratford drew a substantial and appreciative audience whose questions he fielded with elegance and assurance.”

- Richard Monette, Artistic Director - Stratford Festival

 “Charles Beauclerk – Lecturer Extraordinaire! Everyone present was riveted to the subject material but more importantly to the delivery from the speaker. Charles Vere Beauclerk has a remarkable gift for public speaking, and was most convincing in his argument that the Earl of Oxford was the true author of works previously attributed to William Shakespeare. The whole evening was stimulating, provocative, and greatly entertaining.”

- Headmaster Andrew Auster, Orwell Park School

 “I am pleased to report that last week Charles Beauclerk captured and held the attention of 350 students fresh from the playing fields and bound for the dining room. With his fund of information, obvious -- even infectious – enthusiasm, and polished, articulate delivery, Charles Vere presented his case for his ancestor’s having written the plays traditionally attributed to William Shakespeare.”

- John J. Toffey, Dean of Faculty - Berkshire School

 “I have rarely seen students sit with such rapt attention at so complex a subject for the span of an hour. Charles Beauclerk’s vast store of information and facility with words mad his already intriguing argument all the more riveting. As a drama teacher and professional theatre critic, I must say that his blend of scholarship, humor and sincere commitment made not only for a sensational lecture, but was also great drama with the suspense of both a Greek tragedy and a Christie mystery. Beauclerk’s presentation deserves as wide an audience as possible, and I truly hope that educators and learning institutions throughout this country avail themselves of his considerable talents.”

 - Ralph Hammann, Director of Drama – Pittsfield Public Schools, USA